Virtual clients all across the globe are being provided services by a North American (US and Canada) firm. The name of the company is (Cool Ad) who works with the principle of “successful business makes good business”. For us it is the passions with which we help our clients achieve their business goals and ambitions.

The history of the company is linked with the start of graphic design for corporate giants like Pattison, NPD and UN. Understanding the needs of the clients in devising solutions to their design needs made us earn customer satisfaction. Some companies in the domain of art and design emphasize more on designing aspects and less on functionality, but with CulAd, case is different. Our focus is on the functions as well as on advertisement. We understand that to remain profitable, we need to focus orientation towards new customers based on their similar aspects like age, sex, race (demographic aspects) and then meeting their needs. CulAd believes in learning more and more each day to make them the best in the market. We are constantly innovating to work efficiently and our workforce is groomed according to the vision of the company.

CulAd goals are to make our clients ahead of their competition by providing them the best available solution in the domain of design and advertisement. We truly understand the needs and the wants of our client, get them involved in the business plans and deliver according to the demands of the clients. We give out of the box and creative solution to client underlying graphic design problems.

Team of CulAd have the expertise in the areas of mobile design, web and infographic, however with constant changing market trends and to meet challenging customer demands, we are also experienced in providing business solutions for various companies like actual coding (.NET & PHP). To cater to the needs of developmental sector of the world, shipping services of FedEx of printed marketing materials are also acquired.


We plan big and for meeting your long term goals.

The importance of advertisement is increased greatly if your business plans to expand online or offline. There may be many sources of advertising like web, magazines, brochures, billboards or TV, and online advertisements as the most complex of all. We at CulAd know the complexity of the business presence and provide services in all form, type and platform.


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We, at CulAd have all the expertise to bring you to the level of number one in the designing business and with our innovative professional approach; your business can take a lead.